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Why are males worth more than females?
On average women earn between 71-74 cents for every dollar earned by men, for doing the same job! Over time this adds up. The average 25-year-old working woman will lose more than $523,000 to unequal pay during her working life. These figures are even worse for women of color. African American women earn only 67 cents and Latinas 55 cents for every dollar that men earn.
Do men deserve to earn more?
Because they deserve to, argues Warren Farrell in his book Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap -- and What Women Can Do About It a contrarian challenge to feminist conventional wisdom. Men work longer hours at more dangerous and disagreeable jobs. They more readily accept night shifts, hardship postings to Alaska and entrepreneurial risks. Men get in-demand degrees in engineering, while women get degrees in French literature. Female librarians earn less than garbagemen, not because of discrimination, but because so many applicants compete for the safe, clean, comfortable, convenient, fulfilling jobs women prefer.
Your Gender: NAValue: $135,000
How did we calculate your results?
We used the quoted values above and awarded men $200,000 and women only $135,000.

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