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It's healthy to be fat... kind of.
The issue of fat and health is a complex one, with many factors to consider. Medical research has raised more questions than it has answered. It seems that, while there are health risks associated with being fat, there are also some health benefits. It may be healthier to remain at a stable high weight than to yo-yo diet.
World's Fattest Man
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Put that twinkie down then.
The politics of size.
Discrimination is as much a fact of life for fat people as it is for other people outside the "norm." Fat people earn less money, are turned down for medical insurance, jobs, and housing. They are subjected to insensitive remarks and are often judged by their body shape and size as being stupid, lazy, slovenly, unhealthy, and either over- or under-sexed. The stereotypes exist despite volumes of evidence to the contrary and impact our lives in every facet of our existence.
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How did we calculate your results?
Men were not as heavily penalized for being overweight as women were. Both genders were awarded for being slim and athletic, while both were penalized for being overwight or obese.
Barbie and Ken are hot... or not.
If Barbie were a real woman she would have to grow to be seven feet tall. She would have a bust that was between 38-40 inches, her waist 18-24 inches, her hips around 33-35 inches. Barbie's weight would be 110 pounds. If she were a real woman, Barbie would have to walk on all fours due to her proportions. If Ken were a real man, he would be seven-feet, eight-inches tall. An average man would have to add seven inches to his chest and about eight inches to his neck to equal Ken's measurements. The average man, at least seems to be beating him in one area that is suspicously missing from Ken's anatomy...
Fact: According to the American Airlines manual for flight attendants, 'A firm, trim silhouette, free of bulges, rolls, or paunches, is necessary for an alert, efficient image. Source - sizewise.com
Fact: It's estimated that at least 5-10% of the population has a preference for a large-size partner. Because our society does not view this as a legitimate preference, many people who prefer fat partners face harassment from their families and peers. As the preference for the large-size partner is legitimized, the 5-10% figure may rise.
Fact: According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average weight for an adult female in the United States is 162.9 pounds. 189.8 pounds for the average male.

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